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Gradient light fragrance


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  • Power supply:5V DC
  • Power:2W
  • Mode:USB
  • Sprayed volume: 30ml/hour
  • Water tank capacity:250ml



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Gradient light fragrance

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★Automatic shutdown function-This machine is equipped with 2 hour Automatic shutdown function,if need to continue to work only need to press a switch again.

★Use it anywhere you like-It is specially designed for personal use,portable and delicate,you can use it anywhere you like so that you can feel water moistening at any times and places.

★Companion for home/office/vehicle-The humidifier,a companion for home/office/vehicle can bring you atomizing particles with silk feel,prevents”air consitioner illness”and strengthens immunity of the organism.

★Beauty-These fine atomizing particles can also form anion radical around the computer screen radiation to eyes and skin,prevent myapia,restrain accumulation of the pigment,lessen form ation of the face patch and beautify your face.

★Ultrasound traceatomization technology-By asopting the most advanced ultrasound traceatomization technology,the humidifier is energy-saving and environmental-friendly,having younatural breathing fresh and moist air at any timeeven then you are in bustling metropolis

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★How to use:

1.Twist off the head cover in the anticlockwise direction.
2.Add water to the maximum water level of the water pot,and then tighten the head cover in the clock wise direction.
3.Insert the plug of the randomly distributed power cord into the power supply of the humidifier,connect the other end of the power cord to a computer’s USB interface or any 110-220V DC 5V/500mA power adapter,phone chargers and power banks can supply power for the humidifier as well.
4.Wait for 5 minutes till the cotton sliver is totally soaked.
5.Press the switch on the top cover to produce the mist continuously.For office workers working in dry cold air or warm air room for a long-term,it can effectively replenish moisture and improve working efficiency,really a gorgeous green fashion product.

★Maintenance and cleaning:

Exterior cleaning:wipe gently with soft wetcloth.Do not scrape forcefully in case of damaging appearance.
Atomizing chips:use little of white vinegar to gently wipe the chips.Do not wipe forcefully in case of damaging the chips.


Not atomizing water sprayed out:No matter in water tank/power cord not connected/absorbent cotton strip refilled with sufficient water/connect correctly to power cord/replace absorbent cotton.
Atomizing water becoming less remarkably:Absorbent loose/insufficient water in water tank/screw up absorbent cotton bushing/refill sufficient water.

★Packaged including:

1m USB power cord one