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USB 5V to 12V-1A DC power cable For Routers USB BOOST CABLE


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  • With this cable, you can connect your power bank to the router. Thus, when power is cut, you can use your power bank to supply your router!
  • To power car air purifier or LED strip light by power bank
  • For 12V WiFi Router, Light Cat, switches, and other equipment. Online Shopping

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Warranty: 6 Months

USB 5V to 12V-1A DC power cable For Routers USB BOOST CABLE

Buy USB 5V to 12V-1A DC power cable For Routers USB BOOST CABLE Sri Lanka Best Price From It’s compatible with all 12V-1A routers in Sri Lanka. 6-month warranty and islandwide delivery available.

  • For 12V-1A WiFi Routers, Lights, switches, and other equipment
  • With this cable, you can connect your power bank to the router. Thus, when power is cut, you can use your power bank to supply your router.
  • Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our product
  • රවුටර් එක USB පවර් එකෙන් වැඩකරන්න, ඔයාගේ ලැප්ටොප් එකට , පවර් බෑන්ක් එකට සම්බන්ද කරලා ලේසියෙන්ම router එක on කරගන්න, දැන් කරන්ට් එක නැති වෙලාවට උනත් නිදහසේ අන්තර්ජාලය භාවිතා කරන්න පුළුවන්
  • මෙම cable එක සම්බන්දව ඔයාට තියෙන ඕනෑම ගැටළුවක් අපිට කියන්න අපි පුළුවන් ඉකමනින් ඔයාලට reply කරනවා
  • දැනට ලංකාවේ භාවිතා කරන DIALOG | MOBITEL | LANKABELL | SLT වගේ routers එක්ක කිසිම ගැටළුවක් නැතිව මේ cable එක වැඩකරනවා

Compatible Application for USB 5V to 12V-1A DC power cable:

  • Router
  • USB Light
  • USB Fan
  • Car Air Purifier
  • Mini Bluetooth Speaker
  • Model: USB to DC Boost Cable
  • Input: 5V
  • Output: 12V
  • Output Current: 1A
  • DC Cord: 5.5×2.1mm(Diameter)
  • Cable Length: 130cm
Package Included:
  • 1 x USB to DC Boost Cable
USB 5V to 12V-1A DC power cableUSB 5V to 12V-1A DC power cableUSB BOOST CABLE Sri Lanka
USB to Router power Cable


  • Model: USB to DC Boost Cable
  • Input: 5V
  • Output: 12V
  • Output Current: 1A
  • DC Cord: 5.5×2.1mm(Diameter)
  • Cable Length: 130cm

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  1. Chinthaka K.

    This product is great!

    Chinthaka K.

  2. Anjalee P.

    Awesome, This product is very good.

    Anjalee P.

  3. Charindu F.

    Thanks, this work.. it’s support for SLT fiber

    Charindu F.

  4. Perera

    Works fine for slt fiber router. worth for money.
    product quality not bad at all


  5. Hektor S.

    Awesome Product Strongly recommend

    Hektor S.

  6. Anajana H.

    Fast deliver, received package within day. product is fine, slt fiber router workfrom it.

    Anajana H.

  7. Sachith Sanjaya

    Order received in two days. Very good quality product. It was little bit difficult to power up my router using my MI power bank 3 by this cable. However finally I found a way to do that. This cable can use to power up routers using laptops and car usb ports too. So very useful and valuable product. This is my second order from Recommended . Good service. Thanks!

    Sachith Sanjaya

  8. Ramesh R.

    Very useful and good product. Works perfectly with SLT fiber router. Recommended for everyone.

    Ramesh R.

  9. Rushan uditha

    Quality product, worth for money and supported for Wi-Fi router (Dialog) without any issues.Used Express delivery and received the product within a day as promised. Recommended! Cheers!

    Rushan uditha

  10. nadun j.

    Good product. I like it. When we consider about current situation of country, this cable is very useful to everyone.

    nadun j.

  11. Wishwa p.

    extremely fast delivery, especially with the fuel shortage in the country, packed well and safely. can highly recommend

    Wishwa p.

  12. Nilwala W.

    Good product and fast delivery. works perfectly with the slt 4G router. Thanks

    Nilwala W.

  13. kalana P.

    It’s really good. Working properly

    kalana P.

  14. Niresh B.

    Good product , working properly , Can recommend.

    Niresh B.

  15. Hilary. K.

    Fast delivery and reasonable price

    Hilary. K.

  16. Ruwan P.

    Working Perfectly for My 4G Dialog Router this is what I need at this moment, now I can easily power up my router via any kind of USB sources

    Ruwan P.

  17. Jorge Frankisten

    Thank you so much for this amazing product… It works perfectly well… It’s a “must have” item in this period… Thanks again…

    Jorge Frankisten

  18. Peeter P.

    Superb product. Works perfectly as advertised. Compatible with my Laptop and works well for my Dialog router. Super fast delivery within next day. Very useful item for the current situation with power outages.

    Peeter P.

  19. Nisal Guththika

    Works well with Dialog B310S-925 Model HBB routers. I tested this with connecting to laptop and it was okay, couldn’t connect to a power bank though.

    Nisal Guththika

  20. Kalpani wathuyaya

    Great product. Works well with SLT fiber router with a power bank.

    Kalpani wathuyaya

  21. Rathidu G.

    good product, work perfect & worth for money

    Rathidu G.

  22. Upeksha S.

    Good quality product , Can be use Both laptop and power bank

    Upeksha S.

  23. Pushpi L.

    It’s Really Useful product to this time.

    Pushpi L.

  24. Danushka P.

    Exactly as mentioned, awesome product during powercuts.

    Danushka P.

  25. Asanka L.

    everything fine. product as described. works perfectly.

    Asanka L.

  26. Suren K.

    Superb.Good Quality Product.Fast Delivery

    Suren K.

  27. Nimanthika P.

    very good product

    Nimanthika P.

  28. Sasika N.

    wow. It is very useful product when no electricity . It can supply power to my router from power bank, laptop or mobile phone (some mobile phones are not applicable) awesome product . recommend this product . thank you

    Sasika N.

  29. Champika S.

    it’s working so fine, it’r realy good product.

    Champika S.

  30. Dilrukshi F.

    Very useful item these days and it works well. I recommend this to others.

    Dilrukshi F.

  31. Chathuranga Perera

    Good build quality. Now I can power up route into my laptop battery. recommended. work properly.

    Chathuranga Perera

  32. upul P.

    Product is in good condition.Works fine with my Huawei fibre router. Received the product in 3 days.I’m satisfied with the overall quality of the product and service.

    upul P.

  33. Nadeesha P.

    Product works well!! As described thanks!! Dialog outdoor unit works well

    Nadeesha P.

  34. Shenaya W.

    good product work well also with power bank. highly recommend

    Shenaya W.

  35. Sihina M.

    Superb product!! Works very well with both my dialog router and the SLT fibre router!!

    Sihina M.

  36. Nisali Perera

    Great Product with super customer service

    Nisali Perera

  37. Ashrad M.

    Super, Hodatavada bayanatuva ganna

    Ashrad M.

  38. Suresh R.

    Already using the cable with my exisitinf power bank to power up the wifi when power cut is going on and its working perfectly thanks a lot!!!

    Suresh R.

  39. M Nawaf

    It works perfectly with slt fiber router

    M Nawaf

  40. K. Raja

    Signal, speed wenasak na godak watinwa.. ehe mehe aran yanna..current giya welawata ehama godak watinwa

    K. Raja

  41. Supun A.

    The build quality is average. Worth the price. Works well with SLT fibre ZTE router. Well packed. Recommended.

    Supun A.

  42. Samadi V.

    This is a good product. I checked it & it was working fine and also within 4,5 days they delivered it.

    Samadi V.

  43. Elon . F

    Satisfied with the product, worth the price. Be careful to use with a good power source (high capacity power bank) otherwise it will get heated. Tried few routers (12V 1A) and all are working fine.
    Used for more than 8 hours on a 10000mAh power bank.

    Elon . F

  44. Linus P.

    All good. Value for money and very useful these days. Can take your router anywhere with a power bank thanks for this gadget.
    Fast delivery and a recommended

    Linus P.

  45. Shiva shiva

    Received on time … very useful as at the powercut situation in the country.

    Shiva shiva

  46. Akrahsna S.

    A really great product! Highly recommended

    Akrahsna S.

  47. Supuni P.

    I tested with my 12000 mAh power bank yesterday and we had a power cut around 6 hours. I could power my Dialog outdoor unit exactly not less than 10 hours and few more minutes. this solved power issue to WiFi router.

    Supuni P.

  48. lasitha M.

    This is a life saver. This helps to power all the routers, yes including SLT ones. recommend it. it’s working.

    lasitha M.

  49. Wandana Abeywickrama

    Works well with the Dialog router. Also works well with an SLT Fibre Router.

    Wandana Abeywickrama

  50. Surendara P.

    Arrived safely. If anyone has a doubt whether the cable works with slt fiber routers, yes it does. If your power bank does not work try with your laptop.

    Surendara P.

  51. Wasantha P.

    Great product. Suits the not so crisis pretty well. Can power up fibre router from my 10000mAh powerbank. After 5hr straight usage the powerbank did not went down to 50%. Can be used directly from laptops too

    Wasantha P.

  52. Abdul Cardar

    The product is of great quality and works exactly as described

    Abdul Cardar

  53. Sameera C.

    This cable works perfectly with my SLT Fiber Router. Delivered within 2 days. Everything matches with what was advertised. Thank you so much!

    Sameera C.

  54. Kuma A.

    Nice. so easy to carry. Working Perfectly to also to my non original power bank

    Kuma A.

  55. Nimeshika N.

    best product, can even power up router by plugging to the laptop.

    Nimeshika N.

  56. Pushpika W.

    Good product. I used this product few weeks. I plug my router to my 10000mAh power bank using this cable

    Pushpika W.

  57. Aruni uthpala

    works with slt fiber… best solution for power cut, if you have mobile power bank this is good alternative and worth for money.

    Aruni uthpala

  58. Vihara K.

    Received on time … very useful as at the powercut situation in the country.

    Vihara K.