Mosquito Killer by Suction


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  • No sound
  • Suitable for mother and baby
  • Material: plastic
  • Size: approx. 18 x 10 x 10 cm.
  • Voltage: 5V
  • Rated power: 5W
  • Service range: 20-40m2
  • Long lifespan LEDs that cover up to 40 square meters to attract mosquitoes.
  • Environmental design, low power consumption with a power of 5W.
  • Strong suction that inhaled mosquitoes into the killer lamp.
  • Beautiful cover, simple and modern.
  • Note: Please do not place the lamp near you, because you yourself attract more mosquitoes than the lamp.

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Mosquito Killer by Suction

Buy Mosquito Killer by Suction LED Strong Fan Suction||Mosquito Killer Lamp USB Mosquito Trap Eco-Friendly Baby Mosquito Insect Repellent Lamp||Insect Killer Electric Machine

  • Mosquito killer lamp outdoor indoor quiet nontoxic led electronic electric UV insect trap in battery solar wireless indoor/outdoor wisely rechargeable small night light for home use bug zappers bulb 15w box of zapper USB anti-white repellent oil camping photocatalyst waterproof plug and pack tennis racket fruit fly hand-held racquet outside campers
  • Design the removable structure, rotate counterclockwise to remove the mosquito storage bin, clean with water, and wipe the cloth clean and dry after cleaning.
  • When the mosquito is sucked into the capture grid, it is difficult to escape the powerful fan vortex that has been squeezed by the cyclone to the bottom of the mosquito tray. Let him die dehydrated and air dry.
  • The ventilator agitates the surrounding air to form a vortex so that the mosquito flies with the airflow. When the mosquito approaches the blower, it will be sucked into the bottom of the powerful vortex trap.
  • Safe & Non-Toxic: No smell, does no harm to pregnant women, children, or pets. Safer than traditional mosquito killers such as mosquito coil incense, mosquito repellent spray.


1.Place the mosquito killer at least 0.5 meters above the ground for best catch results.
2.Close the door and windows for best catch results.
3.Keep the device away from other competing light sources for best catch results.
4.Keep working continuously for 48 hours when used the first time. Do not open the turnover cover during use.

Electronic Insect Killer Bug Zapper with USB Powered Mosquito Trap Lamp :

Anti-mosquito lamps function by emitting ultraviolet light, which can be seen by all insects.

Mosquitoes are attracted to different spectra.

Then enter the powerful wind and be hanged and dried.

Latest Technology :

The mosquito killer adopts the latest technology and emits light with a wavelength of 365 NM, which has a fatal attraction to mosquitoes and can obtain better trapping results. With high-speed rotating blades, enough to hang mosquitoes.

Easy to Clean :

Our mosquito repellent is not only safe and harmless, but it also can be cleaned in the body. The mosquito killer uses a 360-degree flip cover. Gently turn and pull back to open it easily, and then directly drain the dead mosquitoes.

Powerful Functions :

The mosquito killer installed a 360-degree window and a 2200 rpm airflow fan. The mosquitoes were attracted to the vortex of the airflow by the ultraviolet rays, and they were hanged and dried. A virtually noise-free environment for a comfortable night.

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